Egon Schiele


Medium: Oil on wood Size: 880 x 720mm From Kelly's catalogue 'Outsiders'.

Artwork Story:
Egon Schiele

Raw sexuality typifies Egon Schiele’s intense work. Twisted shapes and provocative stances, deformities and sexual deviancy – in the early 1900s, Schiele’s work was controversial enough to see him imprisoned for exhibiting exotic drawings, the judge even burning one of his works during the trial.

Schiele’s radically new approach to the human nude and distortion of the figure and silhouette not only challenged his contemporaries’ conceptions of beauty ideals, but also the time’s strict, academic approach to expressing and presenting the naked human form.

Yet Schiele’s work has come to be considered some of the most iconic and pivotal in art history in the 20th century, fundamentally altering and informing figurative artwork to come."