Medium: Oil on Wood Size: 2000mm x 1900mm

One of seven new pieces for my solo show, "Cathexis".
Cathexis – an exhibition by Kelly John Gough

Ca-the-xis: n. pl. concentration of emotional energy on an object or idea; concentration of psychic energy on a single goal; the investment of emotional significance in an activity, object or idea

Fear, hope, love, joy, grief: it is the rawest, basest emotions that connect us all. Showing emotion reveals vulnerability, evokes reaction, instils relatability and extends a welcome for others to see into your life. Regardless of language, race, gender, age or culture, tangible emotions open our eyes to one another’s humanity – and to our collective, connected humanity. Employing his signature oils on wood panel, and showcasing his love of the human form and striking chiaroscuro, Kelly offers both a celebration and exploration of human emotion.

Emotions provoke emotive reactions; allow yourself to savour the feelings these artworks ignite in you. Consider the power and beauty of emotion, both in yourself and in others. “My aim is that you connect with every person and emotion conveyed in this exhibition,” says Kelly John Gough. “It is through this connection that we can truly understand ‘ubuntu’ – mutual humanity.”

In a further extension of this connectedness, Kelly’s artwork finds a natural affinity with Kat van Duinen’s designs: “Fashion is art, art is fashion,” explains Kelly. “Kat and I are privileged to be able to share and complement one another’s art; collaboration is both inevitable and necessary.”