Pat King


Medium: Oil on wood Size: 880 x 720mm From Kelly's catalogue 'Outsiders'.

Artwork Story:
Pat King
Businesswoman, model

The cult of youth has become overwhelming. From fashion and beauty brands to glossy magazines and Hollywood blockbusters, younger, fresher, firmer is better. But why? Cast in the latest Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 campaign by fashion designer Kat van Duinen, model and businesswoman Pat King embodies everything Kat admires in a woman: experienced, confident, self-assured, elegant, sophisticated. Pat’s natural beauty tells of her journey, her story – it is authentic and aspirational. It is also relatable and real.

“There is substance to beauty that has experience, wisdom and a story,” explains Kat. “It falls outside of societal norms yet it carries true weight and authenticity. It bothers me that, because of popular standards, we tend to apologise for age, for maturity, for a life lived.

“It’s very easy to be beautiful when you’re young, but to carry beauty with sophistication, elegance, strength and experience is a very different thing. It is admirable and something to be celebrated. For me, Pat embodies that substantial beauty, and it is her kind of beauty that we should be looking to for inspiration and aspiration.”